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"...Thanks again Anne...If you get any others that seem up our street, please let me know......" - Edward Doling at Indoor Golf

"...Thanks for this - all bought and paid for. Much appreciated..." - Will at Ribbon Projects"

...Everything was great.. Thanks for the initial proposition..." - Phil at Clarity Business Travel

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Welcome to "Quest for the Link", our specialties include: Domain Name and Digital Asset Acquisition and Strategy

Today in 2024 and looking forward, the focus should be on obtaining relevant links and digital assets. These are the type that can help drive targeted leads, and potentially improve click through and conversion rates.

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Quality domains can be developed into online brochures, or used in PPC campaigns to potentially increase Click through and increase conversion rattes.

Or they can be redirected to your main site awaiting future development and to unlock any potential type-in traffic.

This basically means that someone who is searching for a product or service decides to bypass Google, Bing or DuckDuckgo by typing the keyword directly into their browser with a .com or .co.uk at the end.

These visitors are usually highly targeted, this can be a hidden benefit of owning a relevant domain that exactly matches the product or service you offer.

Many investors view quality domains as digital real estate.

What We Do

What we do
We help clients acquire relevant domains that closely match their product or service. We also offer domain appraisals, valuations and a domain broker service.

Our team has helped local and international businesses fulfil their inbound requirements, resulting in increased lead generation and product sales for these clients.

Our strategies
Our HQ is currently in Interlaken, however we are an international team, with members from Vancouver, Tbilisi, Lisbon etc

If you're interested in learning more please connect via Linkedin, we look forward to hearing from you.

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